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Better growth with biochar

Biochar and growing forest

Biochar is a product that never disappears from the soil. It helps the plant to get more nutrients from the soil and later benefits from soil’s micro-organisms, fungi and bacteria.

Order biochar in 10l packages

Order biochar in pre-packed 10 litre containers via the contact form.

A year's growth of a spruce seedling

The pictures below show how well the biochar and the nutrients added to it support the growth of young seedlings already during the first year. A seedling without nutrient-rich biochar will struggle to survive.

biohiilellä kasvatettu kuusentaimi

Basic fertilized biochar

biohiilellä ja ravinteilla kasvatettu puu

Organic fertilised biochar

No biochar and no nutrients

Dry countries are challenging

A spruce seedling grown for 2 years

Biochar never leaves the soil

Biochar with the added nutrients accelerate growth. The plants that grow in the nutrient rich biochar absorb carbon dioxide which is essential for achieving better climate.

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